by Jared Knapik

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I just don't get how you can find sleep now knowing what you've done
Don't you know what you've done?
You must have spun this in your head so those things that you've done don't seem that bad
Or maybe you really are sorry, but something is holding your words in your chest
But if you looked deep down, I don't think you'd sleep now, 'cause you know what you've done; You must know what you've done

But I read the signs so clearly, that I got a different meaning
But what's the sense in understanding what no one else can see?

You held me in Winter, but the cold took its toll and wore down your grip
And I don't frequent regret, but I just can't help it; I should know better, despite my best efforts, that nothing's ever meant to be (ever meant for me)

I just can't accept how some things just don't work out
and it's always the best things that are taken from me
But I should know better by now, that these questions might never have answers that I want to see

But your heart might retreat when the cold starts to bite
It takes all of your strength just to scrape off the ice
But still that may not be enough to repair the most damaged of spirits too painful to bare
And I can't say what you want me to say, 'cause what you want me to say is:
"I'll be alright, I'll be okay. I can forget and let memories fade."
But I can't forget, the memory's too great. Oh I'd rather forget, though, than keep this as weight tethering my heart and weighing on my mind,
convincing the two just to give this more time
But I gave a life's worth, and all just to wait, but time's just no use when you're dealing with fate
But I didn't know, so I kept up pursuit, and I wasted my life running circles 'round you
But never again will I make that mistake
No never again


released August 10, 2012
Music & Lyrics by Jared Knapik
Recorded & Produced by Brian Spurlock
Artwork by Johnny Malavé



all rights reserved


Jared Knapik Granby, Connecticut

Jared Knapik is a songwriter from Northern Connecticut.


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